12 May 2020

Quranic Alphabet Series: Ghayn

غ Is for Ghar, Cave
Prophet Muhammad (S) used to spend a lot of time in the mountainous cave of Hira in Makkah, thinking and praying. He was 40 years old when Angel Jibrail brought to him The Holy Qur'an, the Book sent by Allah.
Craft: Create your own cave scene. Use a brown paper bag or an inverted cup to create a cave. Attach a tea light inside to represent the angel and surround with small pebbles.
Activity: Create your own Iqra cave by setting up a tent or creating a cosy reading nook. 

غ Is for Ghuraab, Crow
Crows are among the smartest animals in the world and the most clever of all birds! It has been discovered that when crows come across nuts that are too hard for them to crack, they drop the nuts while still in the sky onto a hard road to help them open up. But with so many cars on the road, they could get run over, so they wait by the traffic lights to cross when the lights turned red and eat the nut safely! How extremely clever! 

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