19 May 2020

Quranic Alphabet Series: Haa

ه Is for Hijra
Prophet Muhammad (S) was born in Makkah but he later moved to the city of Madina. The Islamic Calendar starts at the time of this hijra, this movement. The Islamic year is 1442. Allah tells us in the Quran there are 12 months in the lunar calendar and each month is around 29 days.

ه Is for Hud Hud, Hoopee
The hoopoe bird is a distinctive bird with zebra striped wings and a crest of orange feathers on its head. Allah speaks of the Hoopee bird in the Quran. Prophet Sulayman (a) had been given the power by Allah to speak to and understand animals. One day the hoopee bird went missing. When he returned, the bird told Prophet Sulayman (a) about the Queen of Sheba and her people and how they prayed to the sun and not to Allah. Prophet Sulayman (a) sent a letter to the Queen telling her all about Allah and how its only to Allah we pray to. 
Craft: Make a finger puppet and decorate it to resemble a Hoopee bird. Use it to retell the story

Quranic Alphabet shared by a mum

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