16 May 2020

Quranic Alphabet Series: Laam

ل Is for Laillaha illala, There is no God but Allah
All Muslims believe in the Kalima. They say, La ilaha ilallah, there is no God except Allah. No one is more powerful and important than Allah. He is the one we worship and obey.
Activity: Did you know the dhikr Laillaha illalah is like a secret dhikr because it can be recited with your tongue but without anyone able to see your lips moving! Try it in the mirror.

ل Is for Lisaan, Tongue
Hold your tongue and try to talk - you won’t be able to! Allah has designed the tongue with 8 muscles that help it move in ways that allow it to make different sounds of speech! We must be careful to use our tongue to speak good words. The tongue also helps us to taste different flavours. Can you imagine if everything tasted the same?!
Game: Select a few different foods and have the child guess what they are while blindfolded.

ل Is for Layl, Night
Allah tells us in the Quran that He made the night for us to rest, but there are some animals like bats and owls that He made nocturnal. That means they are more active at night.
Activity: Draw some nocturnal animals with a white crayon or candle. Paint over it with black paint to see your animals appear!
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