6 May 2020

Quranic Alphabet Series: Sheen

ش Is for Shukr, Thankfulness
Allah reminds us in the Quran that He has given us so much that however hard we try, we will never be able to count our blessings. Allah teaches us to be grateful and then promises us that when we are thankful, He will give us even more!
Storytime: Alhamdulillah, Shukran Lillah by QFatima
Activity: Gratitude Stone
Find and paint a rock. It will be your special object to hold before bed and remind you to think about the day and tell Allah what you are grateful for.

ش Is for Shajarah, Tree
Trees are so important. They give us oxygen to help us breath and keep the air clean by absorbing pollution. Trees provide homes and shelter for animals, shade us from the sun, give us fruits and can be used for wood and making paper! SubhanAllah every part of the tree serves the creation of Allah, in lots of different ways.
Activity: How many blessings from what Allah has given have you shared today? Even sharing a smile counts!
Craft: Family Handprint Tree
Lay your arm flat on a paper and draw around it as the trunk of tree. Add handprints from everyone in your family to form the tree. Display the picture and let it remind you to be thankful to Allah for your family.
Quranic Alphabet project shared by a mum

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