9 May 2020

Surah Yaseen: The Present World Around Us 5/6

Learning Objective:
- To gain a overview into the contents and lessons from Surah Yaseen 36:33-47

Section three highlights the signs of Allah in the present world around us. From the food He provides, the wonders of the universe and the intelligence given to man, Allah is in total control and without his help and Mercy we are nothing. His signs awaken us to reflect, appreciate and glorify Allah, to become more mindful and share with others what He has blessed us with.

Quranic Vocabulary
Ayah, Ardh, Habban, Nakheel, 'Anab, Thamarihi, Yashkuroon, Azwaja, Layl, Nahar, Shams, Qamar, Manazil, Falakin Yasbahun, Fulki, Nughriqhum, Itaqu, Anfiqu

Watch: YouTube Story Retelling
Download: Storyboard Vocabulary Worksheet (Print Landscape)
Complete Series: Surah Yaseen Storytelling Sessions
Activity: Use the image storyboard to talk through the verses and share your own retelling.

What is an ayah?
Which pillar of Islam does section 3 highlight
How is the earth a sign of resurrection?
Why do you think the first food mentioned is grain?
What is special about dates and grapes?
Name 5 other signs mentioned in this section
How does reflecting on Allah change you?
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