23 Jul 2020

Prophet Ibrahim (a) in the Quran

Activity: 10 Quranic Facts about Prophet Ibrahim (a)
Read through the facts and match them up with the correct picture.
  1. Instead of worshiping the stars, moon and sun, Prophet Ibrahim told the people to worship Allah, the creator of them all. 6:76-79
  2. The king Nimrod claimed that he was God and ordered a large catapult to be built and Prophet Ibrahim to be thrown into a fire but Allah made the fire cool and safe 21:51-70
  3. Prophet Ibrahim’s character is highly praised in the Quran 16:120-122
  4. Prophet Ibrahim was always grateful for his blessings 16:121
  5. Prophet Ibrahim was told by Allah to leave his wife Hajra and baby Ismail in the desert in Makkah 14:37
  6. Prophet Ibrahim dreamt that he was sacrificing his son but Allah saved Ismail and in his place there was a sheep. 37:102-113
  7. Allah asked Prophet Ibrahim and his son Ismail to build the Holy Ka’ba
  8. Surah 14 of the Holy Quran is named after Prophet Ibrahim (a)
  9. Prophet Ibrahim prayed to Allah to send a good leader for his people. Allah answered his dua and sent Prophet Muhammad (a) 2:129
  10. Prophet Ibrahim is known as Khalilulah, the friend of Allah 4:125

Activity: Prophet Ibrahim in the Quran (a)
Use the factsheet to make a poster or present a short talk on what the Qur'an tells us about Prophet Ibrahim. Older children can be given the Quran references for their own research.

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