24 Sept 2021

The Brothers of Prophet Yusuf: Choices and Consequences

Lesson Objective:
- To know that the Quran recounts the best of stories and each hold lessons for us to apply.
- To become familiar with the story of Prophet Yusuf and his brothers through the words of the Quran. 
- To understand that all our choices and actions have consequences.

Quran Verse:
In Yusuf and his brothers there are certainly signs for the seekers. Surah Yusuf 12:7

Lesson Introduction:
Allah has narrated the story of Prophet Yusuf in great detail in the Qur’an in Surah Yusuf, telling us in 12:3 that this is 'ahsanul qasas, the best of stories', with many lessons for us to learn. It is the only story in the Quran which is narrated entirely in one surah. 

The surah begins with a dream that Yusuf as a child narrates to his father Yaqub of 11 stars, the sun and the moon prostrating. His father tells him not to tell it to his brothers who are extremely jealous of him. The elder brothers plot to get rid of him and put him in a well. He is rescued by a caravan and sold as a slave to an Egyptian high-ranking minister.

Activity: Yusuf and his brothers: Quranic comprehension
Read the following verses in your Quran and and go through the discussion points in pairs.

What is Prophet Yusuf telling his father?
Who do you think the eleven stars, moon and sun represent? 
What were they objects doing? 
What did Prophet Ya'qub tell his son Yusuf and why do you think he said this?
From the conversation, what can you tell about the relationship between Prophet Ya'qub and his son? 

What is the plan the brothers are discussing? 
How do the brothers justify their attitude towards Yusuf?
What do the brothers tell themselves they will do after they have done the evil deed? Is this possible?
What alternative does another brother suggest to the plan?  Is this a better idea? 
What would you suggest if you were one of Yusuf's brothers?

After the brothers show their father the shirt with blood, telling him what had happened, what reason does Prophet Yaq'ub give for them committing such an act? 
What does this tell you about how our soul reacts when we do wrong? 

Activity: Four Choices for Making Choices
Recap the four choices and think about them in content of the choices made by the brothers of Prophet Yusuf.

1. Impulsive
What does impulsive mean? 
Were the brothers impulsive and how do we know?
Which decisions are we sometimes impulsive with and with what consequences? 

2. Do Nothing
Should Yusuf's brothers have done nothing? Should emotions just be ignored? 
Are there times when it is better to do nothing? Give examples
Sometimes people hesitate to take sides. Is doing nothing always a safe choice? When can it be wrong/harmful to do nothing?

3. Be a Follower
Were all of Yusuf's brothers followers?  Did anyone stand up to disagree? What does this tell us about the brother who speaks up?
How were the brothers able to silence the voice of conscience? 
What is the danger of being a follower? If you don't stand for something, you fall for anything
How can you decide when its right to be a follower? 
Who are our ultimate role models to follow and not follow?
“focus on being someone worth following.” What does that look like?

4. Be Thoughtful: 
What does it mean to be thoughtful? 
What is the consequence we are always thinking about? 
Visual Sweet Choices: Life is full of choices. Some choices will give you short term pleasure and others long term benefit. Always remember; You are free to choose but your choice is not free from consequences.

Activity: Nafs Lawwamah
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