30 Aug 2010

Hajj Keywords and Picture Cards

ACTIVITY: Hajj Picture Cards 
Print some images of the keywords and images associated with Hajj.
Use to make a collage/stick onto a large cut out of the English/Arabic letter H
Can also use the cards to play snap or memory pairs.
Download Hajj Clipart

What is Hajj?
In month of Dhulhijja
Going to Makkah, to see the Ka'baa, special 'house of Allah'
Lots and lots of people come from everywhere
All wearing white - Ihram
Go around the Ka'ba 7 times - Tawaf
Sleep in big white tents - Mina
Ka'ba made by Prophet Ibrahim
Footsteps in Makam Ibrahim
Baby Ismail was in the desert, very hot, crying for water, mum
Bibi Hajra ran between the mountains of Safa and Marwa,

Allah made special water come up from the ground, Zam Zam

Prayer: O Allah, please invite us to be your guest and call us to Makkah, sowe can visit the Holy Ka’ba.

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