12 Oct 2012

Arabic letter of the week: Laam

Layl: Night
Why did Allah create the night? Sleep for rest
How Earth revolves - night/day opposite side of globe
Stars in night 'beautify sky 15:16' constellations
Nocturnal animals - draw with candle and paint over with black paint to make picture appear
Pearls inside an oyster craft

Lu'lu: Pearls
Oyster - little creature at bottom of sea produces beautiful gem. Jewellery for people of Jannah! Mentioned in Surah Rahman in the Qur'an.
Best of jewels found at the bottom of the ocean - Everyone has been given something special, never think I'm the best!

Lisan: Tongue
Tongue is what helps us taste - 4 flavours blessing to allow enjoy different foods. Blindfold and guess what foods eating.
Tongue is what helps us talk! Hold tongue, can't speak!
Discuss good words to speak 'yaqullulati hiya ahsin' 17:53

La illaha ilalah: There is no God but Allah
Allah sent us Qur'an and Prophets to teach us this message.
Allah doesn't get tired or need sleep. 
Nothing is more important than Allah
Allah arabic art work

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