4 Oct 2012

Arabic Letter of the Week: Ayn

Letter Ayn with different coloured eyes

Ayn: Eye
"Have we not given two eyes" 90:8
Importance of the sense of sight and why two eyes are better than one:
Hold pencil in each hand, close one eye and try to bring the tips to touch. Notice the difference when both eyes open. Two eyes help us to judge distance

Appreciating eyesight by learning about those who are blind/partially sighted.
Watch a clip of blind children reciting the Qur'an in Braille
Learning to be grateful and maybe donating to help provide resources to aid the blind

Blindfold games/Mystery box/Memory objects on a tray/I spy

Binoculars, telescopes, magnifying glasses are all aids to help us see but it is only Allah who can see everything without any help at all!
Visit to the optician

Allah is Al-Baseer
He sees everything you do
He sees what is hidden
And sees in the dark too!

'Inaab: Grapes
One of the fruits mentioned in the Quran. Explain how grapes are one of the best nutritional fruits. When grapes dry, they turn into raisins. We have been recommended in hadith to eat 21 raisins everyday before breakfast to improve the memory.

'Ilm: Knowledge
To memorise the Quranic verse: "O Lord, increase me in knowledge" 20:114
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