4 Oct 2012

Arabic Letter of the Week: Noon

Letter Noon with thumbprint bees

Nahl: Bee
Allah has taught the bees to make hives and collect the nectar from plants and turn it into sweet honey. Allah then tells us that honey is like a medicine, it makes you better when you are ill.
There is a whole surah in the Quran called Nahl.
Learn hexagon shape, tessalation, what to do when near a bee, taste honey, beekeeper video clip.

Toilet roll bee

Hexagon shapes as honeycombs which make up the hive surrounded by fingerprint bees

Naar: Fire
The story of Prophet Ibrahim being thrown into the fire, whose flames became cool
"O fire! Be cold and a safety to Ibrahim (pbuh)" 21:69
If you ask Allah for help, He will definately listen. Allah can do anything, just like He made the hot fire a cool garden for Prophet Ibrahim!

Visit to fire station, fire safety.

Nuh: Noah
Acting out the story of Noah with farm animals.

Ni'mah: Blessings
Recall Allah's favours through the day. Draw or make note of what they are grateful for each day
To memorise Quranic verse: "Give thanks to Allah" 21:172

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