6 Feb 2013

Allah loves the Muttahhireen

Learning Objective: Understand the importance of keeping clean in reference to the Quranic verse "Allah loves the Muttahhireen: those who keep themselves clean" 9:108

- Sing to the tune of 'if you're happy and you know it, clap your hands'
Allahu Yuhhibul Muttahhireen x2
Allah loves you when you keep clean
Allahu Yuhhibul Muttahhireen

- Collage picture of things we do to keep clean. Emphasise the blessing and importance of water in helping to keep us clean and the necessity to avoid waste.

- Gushl and wudhu are special types of washing that Allah loves for us to do. Encourage the child to do wudhu before sleeping and upon waking. 

Activities to help explain the importance of keeping clean

1) fill a spray bottle with water and spray away! Use it to explain how a sneeze travels for more than the length of three elephants, spreading germs everywhere!
- Germs are tiny living things that can make you ill if they get inside you. Explain the importance of stopping germs from spreading by using a tissue when you sneeze or coughing into your arm

2) Spread some glitter on your hands and pretend sneeze into them. Explain the glitter as germs. Now shake hands with the child, touch objects around the room etc and watch the glitter/germs spread!
- Explain the importance of washing hands especially before eating and after going to the toilet to stop the germs from spreading. 

3) Demonstrate the correct way of hand washing and see how it takes more than a quick rinse to get rid of the glitter/germs!
- make a note of how short nails are less likely to get dirt stuck under them and it is recommended in Islam to cut them every Friday.
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