12 Feb 2013

Allah loves the Sabireen

Learning Objective: Understand the importance of being patient in reference to the Quranic verse "Allah loves the Sabireen: those who are patient. Holy Quran 3:146

Patience has been mentioned 90 times in the Quran and after it, there is always mention of optimistic news. It is an essential virtue to instill from a young age.

We broke it down and defined patience as;
- waiting quietly and calmly without complaining;
- staying calm when someone or something is bothering you;
- and to keep going, even if things get hard;
Ensure the understanding that patience is always rewarded!

Activities to demonstrate the value of being patient and explain how everything in life takes a certain amount of time to happen.

- Baking or for an even quicker lesson, make and freeze a lolly 

- Planting some seeds

We read a story about a boy trying to make an apple tree grow. It took patience, time and care to finally enjoy the fruits.

- Fruit ripening
We bought a green banana, pointed out it wasn't ripe but tried it anyway. "I don't like it. It doesn't even taste like a banana!" We waited a few days and tried it again when yellow  Sometimes when we are impatient for things and demand them right away, the end result will not be as good as if we had waited.

- Board games
We played Snakes and Ladders which proved to be a brilliant lesson in patience! It took lots of being calm every time we went down those big snakes and my little one even wanted to just end the game as it was taking too long but we persevered!

- Role playing
We pretended waiting for the bus, queuing in the shops etc but every few sec, looking at watch, complaining why it was taking so long, getting annoyed etc. We were not waiting patiently! Emphasise that waiting with mannerisms like huffing and puffing, moaning and whining is not patience.

- The story of Prophet Ayub (as)
We read the story which demonstrated what true patience is. Allah tells us Prophet Ayub (as) was a good man full of patience. He continued to be thankful despite all his hardships and never complained.

- Keep going even if things seem hard
Following instructions of a Lego model took patience but the little one kept at it because he was so determined to do it by himself and reach the end product.

- Staying calm when something or someone is bothering you
When friends/younger siblings are not sharing or following rules of game etc, we talked through what we can do to not get angry and stay patient. 

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