13 Feb 2013

How to calm down

Learning Objective: Learn how to calm down as per the advice given by the Ahlulbayt

Role play different scenarios showing impatience and then taking the correct action to calm down.

- Change position 
"If one of you finds himself angry, if he is standing, he should sit, and if he is sitting, he should lie down.

- Encourage the child to take a deep breath and breathe out hard. Count to ten slowly in the mind before saying anything
“If any of you becomes angry, let him keep silent.”

- Seek refuge in Allah: "A'udhu billahi minash shaitanir rajim."
"If a man gets angry and says, 'I seek refuge with Allah,' his anger will go away."
"And if an evil suggestion comes to you from Shaitan, then seek refuge in Allah..." (Holy Quran 7:200)

- Encourage the child to splash some water onto the face or if they can, then to make wudhu
“When one of you gets angry, let him make ablution with water as anger arises out of fire.”

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