21 Oct 2013

Maqam Ibrahim

Quran Verse: 
Ooshkurolillah, be thankful to Allah

Lesson Introduction: 
There is a special place near the Ka’ba called ‘Maqam Ibrahim’. Inside it are the footsteps of Prophet Ibrahim, from when he was building the Ka’ba. Pilgrims pray a 2 rakah salaa beside it after tawaaf.
It reminds us how with every footstep Prophet Ibrahim took, he said Alhamdulilah. He thanked Allah for everything and it made Allah love him so much!

Activity: Maqam Ibrahim 

Prophet Ibrahim (as) always remembered the blessings Allah had given Him and was always busy saying thank you to Allah. This good action was loved so much by Allah that He choose Prophet Ibrahim to become His special friend, Khalilullah. 

Materials needed: 
Gold glitter/paint

Have the child think/write/draw one thing they are grateful for each day.
Every time emphasise the Quranic phrase ‘ooshkuro lillah’ as a prompt to thank Allah for our blessings
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