22 Oct 2013


Key Learning Point: 
Muslims from all over the world pray facing the same direction, towards the Ka'ba in Makkah. It is called the Qibla. Everyday when we pray, we remember that we are facing the House of Allah. It helps us to check if we are doing good deeds that are taking us close to Allah.

Quran Verse: 
Wa ahsin, do good 28:77

ACTIVITY: Qibla Arrow
Materials Needed:
Colour pens

Use a map/globe to point out the locations of the home city and Makkah and have the children use a compass to locate the Qibla direction.
Decorate an arrow with a picture of the Ka’ba and stick it in bedroom.
Explain how it is good to try and face this special direction every time we do something. It reminds us of Allah and makes us think about whether we are doing something that would make Allah happy.

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