13 Jan 2014

Balloon Banner Quiz

Lesson Objective:
- To help learn/recap briefly the life of the Prophet in a celebratory way!

Fill each balloon with a question and tie them onto a string banner.
Have the child pop each one to release the rolled up question paper. To add to the noise and mess, reward the correct answer with a party popper!

Quiz Questions:

What date and month was the Prophet born in?
What was the year called?
Where was the Prophet born?
Who was the mother/father/wife/daughter of the Prophet?
How old was the Prophet when he lost both his parents?
Who looked after the Prophet when his parents died?
What was the name of the Prophet's cousin who he grew up with and was very close to?
What work did the Prophet do when he was young?
The Prophet was always honest and was also known as?
Where was the Prophet when Angel Jibrael came to him with a special message?
How old was he when he became a Prophet?
Which book was revealed to the Prophet?
What was the first word of the Quran revealed to the Prophet?
Why did Allah send us the Prophet?
What does hadith mean?
What three things can we do to live like the Prophet?
What kind of manners must we show if we want to copy the Prophet?
What did the Prophet ask us to do in return for all the years he spent teaching us?
At Ghadeer, what important message did the Prophet give the people?
When did the Prophet die? 
Where is the Prophet buried?

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