15 Jan 2014

Hadith Object Bag

Lesson Objectives: To implement in daily life a practice of Prophet Muhammad (SAW).

Quran Verse: "Obey the Prophet (saw)" 4:59

Activity: Hadith Object Bag
Fill a bag with objects associated with a few chosen hadiths.

Smile - When he spoke, he would smile.
Perfume - He loved perfume and his hands were always beautiful fragranced.
Water - He drank water in sips
Raisins - He would have raisins for breakfast
Toothbrush - Brush your teeth twice a day
Shoe - Wear your right shoe before the left shoe
Saying Salaam - He was always the first to greet others

Have the children sit in a circle and take turns to pull out an object. See if they can guess how it relates to the Prophet! Discuss the hadith and how we can implement it into our lives.

Activity: Pass the Parcel
Adapt the Hadith Object Bag activity to play pass the parcel. Stick an image of a Sunnah action onto each layer of wrapping. Play a nasheed and pass the parcel until it stops. Unwrap to reveal the picture and explain how the action is related to the Prophet. Simple favour bags filled with token reminders of the Prophetic Sunnah can be given out.

Activity: 40 Ahadith of Prophet Muhammad (S)
Draw or stick images of the hadiths as reminders to implement daily.

Print Hadith Images: 40 Ahadith of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) by QFatima
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