30 Jan 2014

Floating Ball Experiment

Lesson Objective:
- To understand that even though we can not see Allah, we can feel His Power all around us.
- It is the Allah the Most Powerful that keeps the birds up in the sky

Quran Verse:
Allah has power over everything 35:1

In the Qur’an, Allah asks us, have you seen the birds soaring high above? Who is it that keeps the birds up in the sky? It is Allah, The Most Powerful that holds the birds up in the sky!

Can you make aball float in mid air?
Hold up a ping pong ball or balloon (add a penny for weight) and watch it drop
The ball needs something powerful to hold it up
Blow a hairdryer on cool setting from beneath the ball and watch it float above!

The power of air helps keep the ball afloat in mid-air.
By itself the ball would fall, but the power of the air gives it strength to keep it from falling.

But who gives power to the air?! Allah is The All Powerful. It is Allah who is in control of everything and has power over everything. Allah is All Powerful, He keep the birds up in the sky!

Air is invisible, yet it can be felt. Allah too is invisible, yet we know He is there because of what we see and feel around us.


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