30 Jan 2014

God is Most Powerful

Lesson Title: God is The Most Powerful

Lesson Objective:
- To recall the story of Ashabul Feel
- To learn the Quranic vocabulary for elephant and birds
- To understand that Allah has power over everything
- To understand that even though We can not see Allah, we can feel His Power all around us

Quran Verse:
Innallaha 'ala kulli shayin qadeer
Indeed Allah has power over everything 35:1

Lesson Introduction:
Elephants are the largest and strongest land animals in the world. Yet from surah Feel, we learn that birds and tiny stones killed the massive elephants. It shows us that ‘Allah has power over everything.

Allah brings the sun up each day, He makes it rain and snow, Allah can move the heaviest mountain and the biggest sea! Allah is the one who gives power to the wind to blow.

In the Qur’an, Allah tells us to think about these things so that we can understand how Great He is!
Allah asks us, have you seen the birds soaring high above? Who is it that keeps the birds up in the sky? It is Allah, The Most Powerful that holds the birds up in the sky!

Air is invisible but you can feel it when it moves. We can’t see Allah but we know that He is there because of what we see and feel all around us.


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