13 Feb 2014


Learning Objective:
- To experience what it feels like to slow down and become aware, using all the senses.

Quran Verse:Tafakkaroona fi khalqi 3:191
Think about what Allah has created

Sit still and notice your breath
Have the children to put their finger horizontally under their nose to feel their breathing. 

Have them put their hands on their tummy and notice what happens when they breathe in and out? Feel this rhythm for a few moments in silence.
Ask them how they feel when they just pay attention to their breathing. They could also lie down with their hands on their tummy so they can feel its rise and fall more distinctly.

Invite them to take one in breath and one out breath and count it as ‘one’, then another in and out breath and count ‘two’ and go all the way up to 10.

We breathe all the time, but are usually not aware of it and so don’t really appreciate it. But breathing is so important! What would happen to us if we couldn’t breathe?

Allah controls every breath that comes into and out of your body!

Download complete lesson plan: The Camel; Reflecting On Creation

Resources: Mindful Meditation Cards for Kids 
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