13 Feb 2014

Mindful Eating: Raisin Experiment

Learning Objective:
- To experience what it feels like to slow down and become aware, using all the senses.

Quran Verse:Tafakkaroona fi khalqi 3:191
Think about what Allah has created

Activity: Mindful Eating
Give the children a raisin and have them approach it with curiosity, as if they have never seen one before. They engage all the senses observing how the raisin looks, how it feels in the fingers, how it smells and finally how it tastes.

Talk about how the raisin started as a grape and then was dried in the sun to become a raisin – a long process!

Thank Allah for each sense to help you fully savour your food!

Thank Allah for the farmers and Earth that helped grow the grapes and the sun that dried them into raisins.

Download complete lesson plan: The Camel; Reflecting On Creation

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