6 Feb 2014

Do Your Best For God!

Lesson Title: Do your best for God!

Lesson Objectives:
- to learn the Arabic vocabulary for Bee
- To learn about the bee and how honey is made
- to understand that Allah taught the bees how to live and make honey
- to appreciate the greatness of the bee and to take lessons from it
- to understand what our job is

Quran Verse:
jahidoo fi sabilihi 5:35
Work hard and do your best for Allah

Lesson Introduction:
The bees work busily to transform the nectar into honey. Each bee has a special job to do. They work together, help each other and share their food.
A small insect like the bee does such an amazing task! In Surah Nahl, the chapter of the bee, Allah tells us that He is the One who taught the bees where to build their hives, how to collect the nectar and how to make honey. 16:68-69

Bees work so hard! They even make more honey than they need so they can share with us!

The honeybees do their best and spend all their time doing the job that Allah has created them for, to make honey. The bees obey Allah.

Allah tells us in the Qur’an ‘jahidoo fi sabilih’, to work hard and do our best for Allah. 
Allah has given us so many blessings and skills. Like the bees, we must always work hard to obey Allah and do our job of becoming the best we can and make Allah happy.
Always Bee your best!

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