6 Mar 2014

Asmaul Husna Flashcards

Download the starter set of Asmaul Husna Flashcards

Learning Objective:

- To become familiar with and understand a few Asmaul Husna
- To provide a visual method to aid recalling the Isms

Quran Verse:

Wa lilahil asmaul husnaAllah's are the best names 7:180

Lesson introduction:

Names help us to know who someone is and what they are like. When we hear a name, it makes us think of that person. A name like Mummy, will remind you of someone who loves you and looks after you, but a name like Frankenstein will probably remind you of someone scary!

Allah tells us in the Qur’an that He has Asmaul Husna, the Best names. Allah has 99 names, and each name, each Ism, is a quality, something that tells us about Allah and reminds us how amazing He is.

Allah is Ar-Rahman and Raheem, the one who is super kind to us and gives us so many blessings. Allah is As-Samee’, He hears everything and Allah is Al-Baseer, He sees everything.

The name Allah combines all these names together. So when we say Allah, we are being reminded about the very kind Allah who hears and sees everything we do and and gave us everything we have!

By learning the names of Allah, we can see how amazing Allah is and it helps us understand Him better too.

Each Ism is also like a Dua we can use to call Allah with.

Activity: Asmaul Husna Flashcards

Use the cards to play memory pairs, matching the image of each attribute with the corresponding Ism.

Activity: Asmaul Husna Rhyme Cards
Simple rhymes to help understand and memorise each Ism, can be sung to the tune of 'Frère Jacques'.

Print multiple images per page to size the cards accordingly. Can be made into a poster or a handy key ring style book to allow easy addition of further Isms

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