6 Mar 2014

God Is One: Surah Ikhlas

Learning Objective:
- To understand the basic concept of Tawheed through the translation of Surah Ikhlas

Lesson Introduction:

Tawheed is believing that there is only one God, Allah.

At the time of the Prophet, people used to worship in different ways. They used to believe in many Gods, for different things. Sometimes their Gods were made of wood, stone or even animals. They would give gifts and food to the idols and pray to them. They even believed their gods had families.

Prophet Muhammad (saw) came to teach people about worshiping only Allah. The people wanted to know more about who Allah was, and so Angel Jibrael brought surah Ikhlas of the Qur’an from Allah to answer their questions.

Surah Ikhlas tells us all about Allah!
There is only one God, Allah and everyone needs Him. He wasn’t born, He doesn’t give birth and there is no one like Him.

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