26 Mar 2014

Belief Experiment

Fill a glass with water and gently place an egg inside. Watch how it sinks to the bottom. Use it
to explain that the people who didn’t believe in Allah drowned when the flood came.

Have the children recall and chant the Quranic verse ‘Aminubillahi’ as they each in turn add and stir a teaspoon of salt into the water.
Do you think the people who believed in Allah drowned? No!
Place the egg inside the glass again and this time watch it float!

It was belief in Allah that saved the people who boarded the ark of Prophet Nuh (as). Those that did not believe in Allah, drowned.

Only by believing in Allah and listening to the Ahlulbayt who have come to teach us, can we stay safe and protected.

Having belief in Allah helps you rise above every hardship!

Download complete lesson plan: Prophet Nuh (as)
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