26 Mar 2014

Prophet Nuh (as)

Lesson Objectives:
- to understand the need and role of the Prophets
- to recap the story of Prophet Nuh and derive lessons from it
- to understand that belief in Allah must be acted upon by listening and doing what Allah tells us. 

Quran Verse:
Believe in Allah 4:136
Aminu bil lahi 

Key Learning Points: (adjust to class level accordingly)
Allah tells us in the Qur’an that there are lessons to learn from the stories of the prophets. Learning about Prophet Nuh teaches us that we must:
- Believe in Allah
- Listen and obey Allah
- Be patient and never give up
- Pray and talk to Allah, He always answers
- Do what Allah asks us, even if it doesn't seem clear at the time, there is always a good reason.
- Only by listening to Allah and the Ahlulbayt who have come to teach us, can we stay safe and protected.

Craft: The Ark of Prophet Nuh 

Download complete lesson plan: Prophet Nuh (as)
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