20 Mar 2014

Good Deeds Scale

Lesson Title: The Day of Judgement

Lesson Objective:
- Understand the concept of Qiyama as a day when all our deeds will be weighed

Quran Verse:
Najzil Muhsineen
Allah rewards those who do good 77:44

Allah tells us, ‘najzil muhsineen’, that ‘He rewards those who do good’. On the day of judgement, every deed, however small you think it is, will be counted! Whoever’s scales are heavy with good deeds, will enter Jannah!

Make a simple hanger scale. Have the children in turn choose a deed and place a lego brick to symbolise it, into the correct side of the scale. Add in a few ‘bad deeds’ to show the effect.

Download complete lesson plan The Day Of Judgement

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