20 Mar 2014

God Is Just

Lesson Objectives:
- To introduce the concept of Adalat
- Understand Allah is Al Adl, Fair and Just
- Understand that fairness does not always mean everyone getting the same
- Understand how to act fairly
- Understand the importance of speaking up when others are treated unfairly
- Understand the greatness of Allah’s Mercy

Quran Verse:
Be Just And Act Fairly (5:8)

Lesson Introduction:
When you act fairly, it is called being just.
Allah tells us in the Qur’an, u’diluw, be just and always act fairly. Allah tells us to treat everyone fairly. He teaches us that we should treat fairly even those people who we might not like. It doesn’t matter how someone looks, what language they speak or even whether or not they are Muslim, we must still treat everyone fairly.

Story:  “Miss, that’s not fair!”

Activity: Pennies for All
Give each child a differing amount of pennies to start with. Then give the group more pennies to share out. Discuss how they decided. Did they give each the same amount or did it depend on how much they already had?
Fair does not always mean getting the same, but giving people what they need.

Activity: Injury and Bandage Analogy
Tell each child to imagine an injury and show you where they are hurt. Put a plaster on each in the exact same spot. ‘I want to treat you all fairly! Or should I put it where you NEED it?"  
Discuss "What is fair? Everyone getting the same size plaster on their hand, or getting the treatment that fits the need?"

Activity: Worksheet
Draw/write how you can show fairness

Role Play Scenarios
Discuss which behaviour to react with
- Boy at school forgets lunch money.
- Not enough sweets so some kids don’t get
- You make a Lego model but little sister breaks it
- In a queue and behind is a mum with a crying baby
- Boy being picked on in the playground

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