23 May 2014

The Best Words

Lesson Objectives:
- To know how we can remember Allah with our words 
- To recap Quranic phrases of Dhikr and their usage
- To understand that words once spoken can't be taken back and so we must think before we speak

Quran Verse:

Udhkurullaha katheerun 8:45
Remember Allah Much!

Key Learning Point:

The tongue is an amazing blessing from Allah. Without it we wouldn’t be able to talk! We must thank Allah by using our tongue to speak the best words.

Using phrases like Bismillah and Alhamdulillah throughout the day, help us remember Allah.

When we use our words to cheer someone up and say kind things, our words make Allah happy. The words we speak become part of remembering Allah. Sometimes we say words that can be mean and hurtful. These words once spoken cannot be taken back.

We have to be really careful to stop and think before we speak. Are my words true, kind and helpful? Will my words make Allah happy?

Rhyme: Bismillah
Activity: Dhikr Clock
Activity: Think Before You Speak
Activity: Toothpaste Words

Activity: Wrinkled Heart

Download Complete Lesson Plan: The Best Words
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