6 Jun 2014

The Story of Prophet Yunus (as)

Lesson Objective: To retell the story of Prophet Yunus (as)

- March to Nineva
- Tell the people 'Aminubillah, believe in Allah'.
- After numerous attempts, become disheartened and slowly walk to the sea
- Get onto a boat, pair up and row along to the rhyme- Imagine being inside the whale and curl up into a dark space- Realise it was wrong to give up on the people and became sad 
- Pray to Allah 'Astaghfirullah', we are so sorry. 
- As the whale throws you onto the beach, roll on the ground.
- Say thank you as you eat fruits from trees that Allah had made grow especially 
- Become strong again, happy that Allah has given a second chance and march enthusiastically back to Nineva to tell the people about Allah.

Read online: Story of Yunus (as) 

Download complete lesson plan: Prophet Yunus (as) and Forgiveness
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