13 Jun 2014

Imam Mahdi (ATF)

Lesson Objectives: 
- To know Imam is still alive but in ‘ghayba’
- To know the etiquette of behaving when we hear Imam’s name.
- To become familiar with the hadith ‘Imam is like the sun behind the clouds’, deriving lessons from it.
- To become conscious of Imam’s presence even though not visible to us.
- To instil a habit of how we can remember Imam daily and be in waiting for his reappearance.

Sun Behind The Clouds
Imam Knows!
Imam Can See Us
Areeza: A Special Letter to Imam
What would make my Imam happy?
Remembering Imam Mahdi (ATF) 
Read and listen to Dua Hujjat
Balloon Banner Quiz
Imam Mahdi Wordsearch Quiz

Download complete lesson plan: Imam Mahdi (ATF)

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