13 Jun 2014

Imam Mahdi (ATF)


Lesson Objectives: 
- To know Imam is still alive but in ‘ghayba’
- To know the etiquette of behaving when we hear Imam’s name.
- To become familiar with the hadith ‘Imam is like the sun behind the clouds’, deriving lessons from it.
- To become conscious of Imam’s presence even though not visible to us.
- To instil a habit of how we can remember Imam daily and be in waiting for his reappearance.

Sun Behind The Clouds
Imam Knows!
Imam Can See Us
Areeza: A Special Letter to Imam
Remembering Imam Mahdi (ATF) 
Read and listen to Dua Hujjat
Balloon Banner Quiz

Download complete lesson plan: Imam Mahdi (ATF)

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