6 Jun 2014

Prophet Yunus (as) and the whale game

Learning Objectives:
- A visual to demonstrate the story of Prophet Yunus (as) and derive lessons from it
- Know that Allah is Sami and can hear us wherever we are - even in the tummy of a whale!
- Understand how the story of Prophet Yusuf (as) teaches us how to always say sorry when we have done wrong.
- Know that Allah is Al Ghaffor and forgives us when we ask Him

Quran Verse:
Say sorry to Allah 4:106

1. Place a toy figure such as a lego man, weighed down with blue-tak into a painted recycled milk carton filled with water. Have the children look inside to see how dark and difficult it is to spot the little man inside.
2. Have the children recite a continuous tasbeeh of 'astaghfirullah' 
3. While reciting, take it in turns to pour the water from the whale into a glass each. 
4. The winner of the game is the one who is pouring when the man flows out with the water! (Since the figure has been weighed down, it should take a few turns before the man falls out.)
5. Allah has listened to the dua of Prophet Yusuf (as) and saved him from the belly of the whale!

Talk about:
- How it must have been for Prophet Yunus (as) to be inside the belly of the whale. 
- Try to imagine how sad he must've felt as he realised that he had done wrong. 
- How he spent many days and nights, praying and saying sorry to Allah. 
- Can also point out how it took more than just one 'sorry'. Many of the a'maal we do, teach us to recite Astaghfirulla 70 times! 

Download complete lesson plan: Prophet Yunus (as) and forgiveness
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