27 Jul 2014

A World Full Of Colour

Lesson Objectives: 
- Know that everything in creation is a sign of Allah 
- appreciate colour as a blessing from Allah and be grateful for it. 

Quran Verse:
Tafakkaroona fi khalqi 3:191 
Think about what Allah has Created. 

One of the Surahs we recite on Laylatul Qadr, is the chapter of the Romans, in which Allah talks about reflecting on the many wonders of creation around us.  

One of the blessings, Allah makes us aware of is how He has created us all in different colours. Imagine living in a world without colour?! SubhanAllah, have you every stopped to thank Allah for the beautiful shades of colour we are surrounded by?! 

Activity: (younger kids)
Rainbow artwork 
Google images has lots of inspiration!

Activity: (older kids)
Colorful Allah Artwork with confetti tissue paper.
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