27 Jul 2014

Learning about Palestine

Learning Objective:

- To give a brief awareness and history of the Palestinian conflict. 
- To understand the importance of standing up for justice.
- To know how to help

Qur'an Verseu’diluw 

Be Just And Act Fairly (5:8)

Provide a clear visual by printing Google image map of how Palestine has changed over time.

Use the key talking points from the article published by Noor Kids how to teach kids about Gaza.

1. Muslims lived in an area called Palestine for hundreds of years. We can them Palestinians. About 70 years ago, there was another group of people, Jews, who were treated very badly. The Jews moved to Palestine because it was safe.

2. The world gave the Jews a big portion of Palestine, calling it a new country, Israel. The world did not ask permission from the Palestinians before giving away their land.

3. The Palestinians, and many of their friends were upset at this. They fought against the Israelis. The Palestinians ended up losing even more land.

4. Over the last twenty years, Israel has continued to take more of the land from the Palestinians. Millions of Palestinians are now squashed into living in a very tiny strip of land called Gaza.

Use the simple analogy to discuss how you'd feel if you shared your room with someone who was homeless but they then got given more than half of your room and toys, without you agreeing. And further, every year, they would start taking away more and more of your toys and even start saying they're actually theirs!

Recall previous lesson on justice, and talk about the Quranic verse which teaches us the importance and need to stand up for those who are being treated unfairly. 

Talk about ways to help by learning about the situation, giving charity and remembering them in our prayers everyday. 


Match the map images to the history time line or worksheet
Have the child retell the story in their own words to reinforce understanding.
Set up a fundraising challenge to help the cause
Use the prayers for children affected by war
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