2 Jul 2014

Make Gratitude Your Attitude!

Quran Verse:
"ooshkuro lillah”, Be thankful to Allah.

ACTIVITY: Make Gratitude Your Attitude!
Materials Needed:
Notebook/Diary or large roll of paper to use as a banner/poster

To instill a habit of being thankful to Allah, start a gratitude journal and have the child write or draw one thing they are thankful for each day. Alternatively use a wall display as a visual reminder for the family to share daily what they are grateful for. Decorate the display with Qur'an verses and hadiths about gratitude.

Emphasise how important it is to spend some time everyday thinking about and remembering all the good things Allah has given you, and being thankful for them. There is no act of worship greater than being thankful to Allah!

Activity: 30 Days of Gratitude Challenge

Download complete lesson plan: Be Thankful 
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