4 Jul 2014

Fishing for good deeds!

Lesson Objective:
A fun way to introduce and 
emphasise what good manners are and the concept of good deeds.

Qur'an Verse
Wa ahsin, do good

Write some good deeds on foam/cardboard cut out fishes and attach a paperclip to each one.
Write some disliked actions onto a couple of the fishes and leave these without paperclips.
Make a rod by taping a magnet with some string onto a long stick.
Have the children fish out the good deeds. Can specify colours/time/how many etc.

Point out how only the fish with the paperclips can be caught. 
This is because only the fish that did good actions were magnetic and could be fished out.

Key Learning Point:
Good deeds are magnetic. Allah tells us in the Qur'an that He loves those who do good deeds. 
Every time you do a good deed, it makes Allah happy and He pulls you close to Him! Its like getting a special hug from someone who loves you so much!

Song: Wa ahsin wa ahsin
Sing to the tune of twinkle twinkle.

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