18 Dec 2014

PEACE Pledge

Lesson Objective:
- 'Asalamu Alaika Ya Aba Abdillah'
- To understand the promise you are making when saying Salaam to Imam

Though we can not see the Imams, when we recite the words of ziyara, we should try to imagine that they are actually stood right in front of us. We are extending our hand to them and making a pledge, a promise.

We are telling our Imams that we are at peace with them. We shall follow the rules of Allah, the way that they taught us, and do good deeds, so that our actions are always peaceful.

Activity: PEACE Pledge
Each statement can be represented by a hand gesture/sign to help memorise the key points we make when we say salaam.

Raise right hand and say: 'Asalamu Alaika Ya Aba Abdillah'
Hand on heart: I Promise
Tap watch/wrist with one finger: Everyday
Open book: Act on the Quran
Pat two palms together from one side to another: Copy the Ahlulbayt
Thumbs up: Encourage goodness

After emphasising how important it is to keep a promise, ask if the child is ready to sign and seal the pledge.

Display in a prominent place as a reminder to send our salaam to Imam everyday. 
Imam hears us and replies our salaam. We must be honest in our words and try hard to keep our promise.

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