20 Dec 2014

Timeline: Life of Prophet Muhammad (SAW)

Lesson Objective:
- To become familiar with some of the main events in the life of Prophet Muhammad (SAW)
- To provide a resource and prompt to help children deliver a short talk outlining the life of the Prophet (S)

Activity: Prophet Muhammad Colouring Storybook
Use the story book to introduce children to the life of the Prophet (S)
Activity: Story Timeline 
Make a simple masking tape timeline on the wall and have the children in turn mark the events with images as you go through the life of the Holy Prophet (SAW). For younger children, use fewer images to present a simplified life history. They can then create their own timelines by sticking and ordering the images onto a worksheet.

Download Story Timeline Worksheet
Activity: Key Stages Pictorial Timeline
Divide and arrange the images into three parts of the Prophet's life.
  • 0 - 40 years
  • 40-53 years
  • 53-60 years

Activity: Timeline Storyboard

Activity: Caption Timeline
Older children can create an A4 timeline by sticking the images along a horizontal line and writing their own captions alongside.

Download and Print Timeline Images
Resources: Prophet Muhammad Timeline by QFatima
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