9 Dec 2014

The Imams Are Shining Guides

Key Learning Point:
Allah sent the Qur’an and the Masumeen to help guide our hearts and show us the path to reach Him.
Imam Mahdi is the brightest light whose arrival will removal all darkness and bring complete peace on Earth.

Quran Verse:
Mardha tillah 2:207 
Make Allah happy with you

Lesson Introduction:
We need light to see.
Without light, we would be left in darkness.
Our hearts also need to be brightly lit so that we can be guided to doing the right thing.
Allah created the sun to give light to the world and He sent the Qur’an and Masumeen as bright lights to guide our hearts and show us the right way.

The Imams are very special. They never do anything wrong and always ‘mardha tillah’, they always seek Allah’s pleasure in everything they do. They always do good and live in the way the Qur’an teaches us. They are full of noor and constantly shine as our guides to show us the right path and the way to reach Allah. Without them, we would be in darkness and confusion.

Place a heart sign at one end and a sign labelled Allah at the other end. 
Switch off lights
Explain how our hearts are in darkness. 
'How will they know the way to reach Allah? Allah sent us the Qur'an and 12 Imams as bright lights to guide our hearts and show us the right way.'
Have the kids recap each Imam and with every correct answer, place a tea light along the path leading up to the sign labelled Allah.
Switch on the lights at the mention of the 12th Imam!
When Imam Mahdi (atf) reappears, light will completely cover the world filling it with peace and justice :)

Extended Home Activity:
Recite a salawaat when you switch on the lights and pray for the reappearance of Imam Mahdi as the light who will remove all darkness!
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