9 Dec 2014

Let Your Light Shine!

Key Learning Point:
Seeking Allah’s pleasure in everything we do, gives us the power to shine our light.
Shining our light makes us behave in the best way spreading goodness around us.

Quran Verse:
Mardha tillah, Do what makes Allah happy 2:207

Lesson Introduction:
When we ‘mardha tillah’, we seek to please Allah, by doing good and behaving how the Qur’an and Imams teach us. Doing what makes Allah happy with us, gives us the power to shine like a light. We brighten the world around us and behave in the best way. Our light can help spread the message of Islam and bring more goodness into the world.

Activity: Let Your Light Shine!
Take out the batteries from a torch and switch it on. 
Explain how the light can only shine if we put batteries inside. 
Use the analogy to explain how we can only have power to let our light shine if we do what Allah is pleased with.  

Worksheet: Labbayk Ya Husayn!

Recap ‘I Am A Muslim’ Quranic verses and use each to ask, are we are living the way the Qur’an teaches us?
Let each child hold the torch and state what they can do to ‘martha tillah’? 
How can we make sure our battery is powered? What goodness can we shine out to the world?

Extended Home Activity:
Label the light switch at home with the Quranic verse as a reminder of how we must brighten the world around us by always behaving in a way that pleases Allah.

Download Complete Lesson Plan: Let Your Light Shine!
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