12 Mar 2015

Allah love the Pure and Clean

Worksheet: Is it dirty or najis?
Lesson Objectives:
- Understand the importance of keeping clean in Islam and its necessity
- Know the difference between clean and tahir.
- Understand the difference between najis and dirty.
- Toilet Manners
- Water as a Muttaharaat.

Quran Verse:
Allahu yuhhibul muttahireen 
Allah loves those who keep pure and clean 9:108

Lesson Introduction:
Being clean is very important in Islam. It is part of our faith. Allah [SWT] says in the Holy Qur’an that He loves the Mutahireen, those who are tahir, clean and pure. We should always try to make sure our bodies and clothes are clean as well as our rooms and houses.

There is a difference between being just clean and being tahir, pure. Clean means free from dirt, and physically clean.Tahir means to be pure and free from things which are najis. Some items which are najis are urine, stool and blood.

Download complete lesson: Allah loves the pure and clean
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