12 Mar 2015

Quran Facts About Prophet Isa (as)

Activity: 10 Quranic facts about Isa (as)
Read through the facts and match them up with the correct picture.

Older children can use the facts to make a poster or present a short talk on what the Qur'an tells us about Prophet Isa (as) using Surah Maryam, chapter 19 to find the relevant verses.
  1. Chapter 19 of the Quran is named after Isa’s (as) mother.
  2. Angel Jibrael was sent to tell Maryam that she was going to have a baby who would be a Prophet.
  3. Isa (as) was born without a father but he is NOT the son of Allah
  4. When Isa (as) was born, Allah told Maryam to eat from a date palm tree.
  5. Isa (as) spoke as a baby. He said, Inni abdullah, I am a servant of Allah 19:30
  6. Prophet Isa (as) was a great Messenger and was given a book called Injeel
  7. Isa (as) was able to heal the blind and ill and make the dead, living again
  8. Isa (as) always obeyed Allah who told him to pray, give charity and be good to his mother.
  9. Isa (as) was not killed and did not die on the cross but instead was saved by Allah
  10. Isa (as) is still alive in the heavens. He will return to Earth with Imam Mahdi.
Download Worksheet Template and Worksheet Facts (2 sets per page)

Lesson plan: Prophet Isa (as) Servant Of God
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