7 Feb 2015

Surah An Naas 114

Lesson Objectives:
- To understand that only Allah can provide protection from the unseen.
- To understand the need for our hearts to be protected from the whispers of bad thoughts
- To know that with Allah’s protection, we have the power to choose not to listen to these whispers.
- To become familiar with the meaning of surah Naas through Quranic vocabulary of each word.

Quranic Verse:

Surah Naas 114

Surah Naas, nuber 114, is the last surah in the Qur’an. It is one of the surahs we have been taught to recite to have Allah’s special protection. 
In this surah, we ask for Allah the Rabb, the King and God of all people, to protect us and keep us safe from the ‘waswas’, the bad thoughts that are whispered into our hearts.
The waswas may be from friends who want you to do something you know you shouldn't, or it could be a thought telling you not to listen to your mummy. These whispers could be from people or from Jinn like Shaytan, who we can not see.
Allah has given us a brain so that we can control and choose what we do. No one can make you do anything. They might ‘whisper’ and give you ideas to do something wrong, but with Allah’s protection, you have the power and strength to fight the bad whispers away and choose not listen to them.
We must recite Surah Naas with surah falaq, everyday to keep us safe and under Allah’s protection from all types of harm, especially from the things we can not see.

Fill a bowl with water and scatter pepper over it.
Have the children recite Surah Naas and explain how it is like wearing an invisible coat of protection. 
Have them dip their finger into liquid soap and place it in the middle of the dish. Watch the pepper scatters away and explain how Allah’s protection keeps all harm away.

Activity: Signing Surah Naas
Use face and hand gestures to vividly animate the translation

Two hands cupped by sides of mouth like shouting
I want to be safe and protected with: 
Fists closed, arms crossed across chest
The Rabb/Lord of the people: 
Hands in qunoot
The King of the people: 
Hands on either side of head 
The God of people: 
Show one finger
From the bad thoughts: 
Thumbs down
Hand on side of mouth
Into the hearts of people: 
Form a heart shape with both hands and place on chest
By jinns: 
Wiggling fingers with hands raising up like flames
Or other people: 
Run hands down body

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