14 Jan 2015

Prophet Musa (as)

Key Learning Points:
- There are many examples from the story of Prophet Musa (as) that show us how Allah is the best Protector.
- Allah has power over everything, so He can do anything to protect you from everything!
- One of Allah's names is Al-Hafidh, The Best Protector

Quran Verse:
Allahu khairun haafidhan
Allah is the best Protector 12:64

Lesson Introduction:
Allah tells us about some of the Prophets in the Qur’an. He explains to us that there are lessons to learn when we read their stories and they help us to become stronger in our belief about Allah

Prophet Musa was one of the five great prophets of Allah. He was given a special book of rules called the Tawrat. One of the things we learn from the story of Prophet Moses is that Allah is the best Protector.

Allah protected Prophet Musa (as) by:
- Saving him from being killed by Firawn. 
- Saving him from drowning in the river 
- Having a good women like Bibi Asiya find the basket and keep him.
- Having him grow up safely in Firawn's own palace! 
- Allah even made the sea split in two so that Prophet Musa (as) could cross safely and escape from Firawn and his soldiers who were chasing him. 
'Allah has power over everything'. So He can do anything, to protect us from everything! 

Activity: Role Play Prophet Musa (as) meets Firawn
Allah asked Prophet Musa (as) to go to Firawn and tell him about Allah.
God also does many powerful things for us every day. He brings the sun up in the morning, he showers the earth with rain, and makes the trees grow. He is the Creator of everything.

Have the children act out what they would say to the Pharoah, to make him believe that Allah is more powerful, the only one God.

Activity: Parting the Red sea
In a bowl of water, sprinkle some black pepper and have children blow it as hard as they can to split it into two.  Discuss with them - was it easy?  Could they do it? Do they think its possible?!

As you talk through the event, explain how Allah's protection is so great that He even made the sea split in two so that Prophet Musa (as) could cross safely and escape from Firawn and his soldiers who were chasing him.

Have the children either chant together, 'Ya Hafidh', or recite the Quran verse,'Allahu khairon hafidhan', Allah is the best Protector.

Place the tip of a wooden spoon which has been dipped in washing liquid, into the centre of the bowl. Watch how the pepper spreads away and the water splits in two!

Allah is the best protector. He is always there to help you. He has the power to keep you safe even if it means parting the sea! Nothing is impossible for Allah. 

Follow up with the lesson on Surah Naas to explain how we can have Allah's protection at all times.

Activity: Retelling the story 
Use the activity sheet as a prop for the kids to to talk through the splitting of the Red Sea by using the actual Qur'an verse 26:63 which explains the event.

1. With the flaps folded down, use the finger or a pencil to to strike the sea 
2. Open up to reveal dry ground and the two sides folding over as solid mountains. 
3. use the two fingers to walk Prophet Musa (as) and his followers safely across to the other side 
4. Close the flaps firmly to drown Firawn as he tries to chase Prophet Musa!

5. Boldly declare the Quran verse for the lesson,'Allahu khairon hafidhan', Allah is the best Protector

Activity: Review Game
A race to cross the sea and get from one side of the room to the other by answering a series of true/false questions. 
All raise hands if believe true and step forward if correct. Everyone who guesses wrong takes one step backwards. 

Resources: Story of Prophet Musa (as)

Download Complete Lesson Plan: Prophet Musa (as)
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