4 Mar 2015

Growing Beans

Lesson Introduction:
Plants, animals and people all need water to survive. Life on Earth would be impossible without it. 
It is Allah, our Rabb who sends water from the sky. The rain helps the plants to grow and gives us and the animals food to eat.

1. Let the children feel how hard the broad bean seeds are. Talk about how the single seed will eventually grow into a beanstalk producing more beans with new seeds inside.

2. Have the children taste some broad beans and talk about how it is Allah, our Rabb who created the seeds, provided it with everything it needs, looked after it and helped it grow.

3.Give each child a bean (soak them in water overnight to make this stage easier) and let them remove the now softened seed coat, to open it up. 

seed,  seed with coat removed to identify root, cooked broad beans to taste

4. Identify the root and explain how a baby plant is already in the seed ready to grow. The surrounding seed is the food store which give the seed energy to break open from the coat and help the first roots/shoots emerge. 

5. Fold up a paper towel sheet, moisten with water and fold it into a clear cup/glass jar, placing the bean between. Another bean can also be placed in a dry jar to show that seeds need water to grow and emphasize Allah's blessings and care for His creation.

6. Observe the bean over the next few days, watching it germinate and produce roots/shoots.
 The beans can also be planted out and grown fully to give an opportunity to watch and discuss the whole cycle.

Allah, our Rabb, never leaves us alone. He pours His love and care down on us, just like water on the seed. He does not just water us with for a while and then forget about us. God never forgets about us. He always remembers us, always cares for us, always looks after us and makes sure that He provides what we need to live and grow.

Download complete lesson plan: Allah is my Rabb

Growing Seeds
Grow a bean plant
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