4 Mar 2015

Allah is my Rabb

Lesson Objectives:
Quran Verse:
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- Understand the meaning of the name Ar-Rabb
- Understand how deeply Allah loves us
- Understand how dependant we are on Allah

Innallaha Rabbi
Most surely Allah is my Rabb 19:36

Key Learning Point:
Who is Allah? He is our Rabb.
Rabb is often translated as Lord in English, but Rabb means much more than that. 

Allah is our Rabb. Ar Rabb is the one who created us, looks after us, gives us everything we need and then helps us grow and become our best!
When we think about all the things our mums do for us, it reminds us of Allah, our Rabb. Allah loves and cares for us 70x more than our mothers!
Everything we have is because of Him. We can never count the blessings He has given us and we can never measure how much he loves us!

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