11 Mar 2015

The Quran: A Complete Set Of Instructions.

Learning Objective:
- To understand that the Qur'an is the final message sent by Allah
- To understand that it contains the complete set of instructions, and all the steps needed, to live in the right way and become our best.

Activity: Lego Building
Give the child a picture of a Lego model and the necessary bricks. Ask them to replicate it exactly.
Point out, that in order to complete the model correctly, you need to be given an instruction sheet. Allah, our Rabb has given us everything we need. He has sent the Qur'an containing instructions, with all the steps needed, to live in the right way and become our best.

Extension Activity: Follow Every Step! 
Using the Lego instructions, talk about how you may not understand all the instructions clearly, or might get to a step, which may be difficult. Would that make the instructions wrong? Could you just skip it? What would happen if you missed it out? Could you ask for help? 

As ‘abd ullah, servants of Allah, we must believe, follow and obey all the instructions of the Qur’an. There may be parts we don’t understand yet or find difficult. But we still can’t pick and choose what parts we want to obey, we have to follow it all. Allah is our Rabb, the instructions given by Him in the Qur’an, are because He knows what is best for us. If we want to grow and become our best, we must follow all the instructions correctly. Allah has sent the Imams as guides to help us understand and live the Qur'an in the right way.

Download complete lesson plan: Prophet Isa (as) servant of God
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