11 Mar 2015

Prophet Isa (as)

Lesson Objective:
- To become familiar with the story of Prophet Isa (as)
- To learn some facts about Isa (as) through the Qur’an
- To understand why Muslims do not believe Isa (as) was killed/die on the cross
- To understand our role as servants of God

Quran Verse:
Inni ‘abdullah 19:30
Indeed I am a servant of Allah

Key Learning Point:
We learn from Prophet Isa (as) how our job is to be ‘abdullah, servants of Allah. When we become servant of Allah, we obey Him and follow all the step by step instructions that have been sent down in the Qur’an. We learn how to correctly use everything Allah has given us, so that we can become what He wants. We can grow to be our best!

Previously previously learnt Quranic phrases to build a better understanding of the word 'Abd'
Activity: Story of Prophet Isa (as)
Use the story to explain why as Muslims we differ with the Christian belief that Jesus was killed on the cross.

Activity: 10 Quranic facts about Isa (as)
Read through the facts and match them up with the correct picture.
Older children can use the facts to make a poster or present a short talk on what the Qur'an tells us about Prophet Isa (as)
Surah Maryam, chapter 19 can also be used to find the relevant verses.

Use Lego to help understand what it means to be a servant of Allah, exploring why it is necessary for us to take on the role of ‘abdullah’, and how we benefit from doing so. Complete instructions for the activity can be found here.

Download complete lesson plan: Prophet Isa (as) servant of God
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