28 Apr 2015

Blessings Are For Sharing

Lesson Objective:
- To understand why it is important to share our blessings and help others.

Allah has given each of us many different blessings, and He tells us to spend and give from what He has given us. 

Activity: Role play ‘It’s mine!’
Scenario: You’re eating a pack of crisps. Your mum cant resist and takes a large handful from the pack. Hey! You get annoyed. She stole YOUR crisps! But think about it, who paid for those crisps? You or your mum?! So it was your mum who used her money to buy you crisps so really is it your crisps or her crisps that she kindly let you have?!
Sometimes it’s difficult to give, but we must remember, everything we have is from Allah, it’s not really ours! The blessings we enjoy, are gifts from Allah. Everything we have is from Him and for Him! We must use our time, money, our possessions, our talents, for Allah, to help His creation.

Activity: Sweet Blessings
Divide some sweets between the group, leaving some children without any. Explore how the children could leave them ‘poor’, or be helpers of Allah and share their sweet blessings

Allah has made the Earth large enough for everyone to live comfortably and provided enough food for everyone to eat well. It is our responsibility to ensure no one is left without, by sharing the blessings Allah has given us. When we all behave in this way and share what we have, we help to build a more peaceful world. As helpers of Allah, we must do what we can, to ensure blessings like food, water, clothes, toys etc are made available to everyone.

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